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Buy-3-Tires-Get-4th-Greenway-CDJR-Florence-ALShould I Use Nitrogen to Inflate My Tires?

Nitrogen molecules are larger and slower moving than air molecules. Because of this nitrogen takes longer to seep out of your tires and loose pressure within your tire. Nitrogen will keep your tires properly inflated for longer periods of time and this means less wear and tear. When tires are underinflated you lose grip and some of the effectiveness of the handling.

You won’t need to inflate your tires as often. If you have any questions about the correct tire pressure of if nitrogen would work for you please call The Tire Experts at Greenway CDJR of Florence AL (256) 766-7324. Tire Coupons Florence AL

Tire-Store-Greenway-CDJR-Florence-ALMy Tire Pressure Light Comes on When it is Cold?

The air in tires expands and contracts based on outside temperatures. Cold air is denser. For even 10 degrees that the temperature drops your tires will lose about 1 to 2 pounds of pressure. Low tire pressure can wear out your tire faster and the tires will lose traction. It is good to have your tires filled back up to the optimal psi. You can check this on the inside of the driver’s side door or in your owner’s manual. If you need help with your tires; our factory trained technicians will be glad to help you. Tire Shop Florence Alabama

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