Bad Credit Financing

You can possibly qualify for bad credit financing in Florence, AL today; all you have to do is apply online. If your credit score is less than favorable, you might qualify for one of our bad credit car loans.

Sub-prime auto loans are nothing to fear, especially when you’re working with a world-class bad credit car dealership like Greenway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Florence! We pride ourselves on providing financial opportunities to all types of credit holders.

Do You Qualify?

Bad credit financing is an open door for anyone who has struggled in the past with:

  • Repossession or foreclosures: If you are unable to pay for a home or car, you can give your vehicle back and take the hit on your credit score.
  • Divorce: When a household is split in two, things can go amiss. Sometimes bad blood also leads to bad credit, and we understand.
  • Bankruptcy: Declaring bankruptcy can hurt your credit score, but there’s nothing a positive payment history and some time cannot fix.
  • Derogatory payments: It takes an average of ten years for a derogatory mark to fall off of your credit score. If you have a couple of past due medical bills or a phone bill, try your best to pay them off and start using tactics to boost your score over time.

How Can A Bad Credit Car Loan Help You?

Bad credit financing is wonderful because it gives drivers a chance to say, “Yes, I made a mistake, but look at me now! I’m making all of my payments on time!” When everyone else says no, bad credit car financing shows up. You can use this loan to access reliable transportation and get back in the good graces of Equifax.

Our team can help you navigate your finances, all you have to do is ask. We can help you find a vehicle that’s within budget now, sift through our inventory. We also have a wonderful trade-in tool that tells you the value of your current ride. If your vehicle is worth enough, you can trade it in and put the balance toward your new bad credit car loan with us!

Apply For Sub-Prime Auto Loans Today

It all starts when you apply for a sub-prime auto loan in Florence, Alabama. We will review your credit history, employment history, gross monthly income, and debt-to-income ratio before generating an answer.

If everything adds up and our finance department near Muscle Shoals is able to approve your loan, we will let you know! Bad credit does not have to be the end-all.

Apply online today let us help you take the first step toward a healthier financial future in Florence, Alabama!

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